In Memory

Afghan Hounds who have enriched my life 
(in no particular order)

Ch. Shylo's Don Diego 
aka Zorro
The first black Afghan Hound I had ever seen, my very first Afghan Hound and my first Champion

Ch. Goldmine's Ramblin Rose
aka Sally

Ch. Cahal's Jammerling O'Goldmine
aka Jammies
dam of: 
Tapestry Tailor Made 
Tapestry Traffic Jam
Tapestry Texas Two Step

Goldmine's Pounce De Leon
aka Pounce

Goldmine's Tapestry of Tarot JC
aka Destry


Shenandoah-Elmo On Broadway
aka Jake

Tapestry Tailor Made
aka Taylor
sire of:
Tapestry Amon Ra (still living)
Tapestry Amonet (still living)

Shylo Jontue JC
aka Jenny

Shylo Sri Lanka
aka Kylee
dam of: 
Tapestry Amon Ra (still living)
Tapestry Amonet (still living)


A once-in-a-lifetime friend...
Ch. Briarwood's Raindancer SchHI  1980-1995
We had many years and many adventures together but it was still not enough time.

What's life without a Whippet?
Greyscott's Khaki and Canvas  1998-2006
I miss you everyday