August 28, 2010
Eclipse in her new home, now 10 months old. 

Eclipse sire and dam
Ch. Al-Basharebn Roula Von Haussman
Shamar's Cotton Candy

August 24, 2010
It has been 9 and a half years since I set foot in a show ring, or even attended a dog show.
Financial problems, family health problems and finally the act of shaving the show coat off of my last, lovely, young show prospects ended my life of dog shows.  Or at least I thought it had.  Linking up on Facebook with former friends and having the dog show world brought to my attention got me interested again.  Then Earl Miner, Goldmine Kennels, offered me my pick of his latest litter and of course I had to at least go and look.  It was a hard decision between Eclipse, a mostly black bitch and Hummer, a black masked red brindle.  I chose Eclipse, I pick her up on Friday and will wake up on my birthday, Saturday, with a show dog in the house again.  It's been a long time.  I'm excited about this.

Eclipse at 10 months

  Eclipse at 8 months

On the left is Eclipse and on the right is her full sister, Hummer.  These two are built very much alike, it will be fun to watch them grow up.  Both of them are headed for the show ring.